“I am a fashion designer and philanthropist; I love giving back. Those two things define me best but I am also an entertainer,” is what the beautiful Angela Simmons tells Rolling Out during a chat for for their latest cover.

Simmons, who has assisted in mentoring young girls, ages 8-16 with her Girl Talk Takeover is known for loving the skin she’s in. Rev Run’s youngest daughter attributes her banging body to fitness, fashion and food – the healthy kind.

“When everyone who loves fashion comes together in one place, there’s great energy and it’s just fun. There are so many creative minds and I am easily inspired by my surroundings,” she says about her fix for fashion events. “My next must-do is fashion week in Paris.”

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Your dad has a cooking show. What’s your favorite meal he prepares?
Man, my dad, when I wasn’t a vegetarian, used to make me this burger, which I now eat vegetarian-prepared. He would make a burger and put an egg on it. I’ll never forget it. He’d been traveling and he came home and said, ‘Yeah, this what they do in California.’ My response was ‘Ugh!’ Man, after I tried it, I would go to every restaurant and ask if I could have an egg on my burger. I actually make it myself and when I go to a vegetarian restaurant, I ask for a vegetarian burger with the egg white on it.

Your skin is absolutely beautiful and flawless; what is your diet like?
My diet is comprised of salads and vegetables. My guilty pleasures are pasta and New York City pizza. I eat healthy. My go-to foods are arugula and avocado salad. My breakfast is egg whites scrambled with spinach.

What is your beauty regimen?
When my makeup artist, Angel, isn’t traveling with me, I will wear my signature [which] is a red lip, mascara, blush and maybe some bronzer if you’re lucky, a Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. I am really simple. I comb my hair, but I am not good at doing hair. Those two things, I am not that great at.

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