_Montgomery Pastor Admits To Sleeping With Church Members & Having AIDS

Pastor Juan McFarland from Montgomery admitted to his congregation, the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, that he has AIDS and was also sleeping with other church members on church grounds. Read more and check out the photos and video on the story after the jump!


Juan McFarland admitted to sleeping with longtime members of the church on church grounds, abusing drugs while as pastor, taking church money and using it for business trips and also being diagnosed with AIDS in 2008. It is also reported that McFarland, may or may not have told his sexual partners about his diagnosis.

A member of McFarland’s church stated, “Who does this to people and you are the leader? Who does this?…I know a young lady who is a member of the church who says she has slept with him … and she running out now trying to find out if there is anything wrong with her.” Nathan Williams Jr., 80, another member of the church says,”As Christian people, we wanted him to get well…I thought of him as one of my sons.” The whole church was shocked and stunned by his confessions and he has now been ousted from his role as pastor at the church which he has been since 1990.

SMH! Check out the gallery of photos and the video on the pastor below!