Amanda Bynes

Looks the teen star may be getting the much needed help she requires…. yet again. A few months ago, things seemed to be looking up for the starlet. Up until Amanda’s parent’s temporary conservatorship ended, The 28 year old was taking her meds, and had even enrolled into Design School. Well after week long rampage in NYC that consisted of Twitter rants accusing her father of sexual abuse, OH and twerking up on a security guard while shop lifting in Barneys, looks like she is back under the watchful supervision that she needs. Get deets inside.

Poor Amanada. It truly is a sad thing to see someone so young and full of life unravel, due to mental instability. Which is exactly whats been happening up until now. Well according to reports, Amanda was lured back to L.A. by a close friend, and secretly led to a mental hospital in Pasadena, CA where where she was promptly placed under ‘5150 Hold’, where she is unable to voluntarily leave the hospital and is now placed on a psychiatric hold for the next 72 hours. The hold can be extended for up to two weeks. Her parents are hoping to gain conservatorship over mentally sick daughter ASAP, before she does herself some really bodily harm or others.

Andrea G

We hope she gets the full help that she needs.

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