There was a previous report that Ray Allen had agreed to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers but it turns out it was another premature report.  Allen has still not decided whether he wants to retire or try to make a run at another championship ring.  Well if Allen does decide to return he definitely isn’t short on suitors.

Shay Marie

via CSNWashington.com:

Six teams have actually contacted his reps since he became an unrestricted free agent — the Wizards, Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, Oklahoma City Thunder and …. the Milwaukee Bucks. Yes, the latter is not a mistake. Allen spent the first six-plus seasons of his career in Milwaukee, and the franchise’s pitch was a chance to end things where they began. Creative and worth a shot? Yes. Did it work? No.

The Bucks were clearly a long shot but I guess it didn’t hurt to try.  If Allen does return it will definitely be with a contender that gives him the best shot to win.  5/6 of those teams are legitimate contenders, giving Allen a great shot at a ring.  That’s why Danny Ainge’s claim that Allen will wait till midseason to pick a team makes sense.  By then Allen can see which team has the best chance and sign with them.  Yea it sounds a bit shady but given the chance I’m sure many other people would do the same thing.