We’ve all experienced that red zone on our iPhones. It is seriously the worst thing in the world especially when we have no phone charger, or worse because by now we NEVER leave our house without a charger but a WALL JACK. Every place should be equipped with charging stations and outlets so we can charge our phones?! The good people over at Bazaar have rounded up a list of the best phone chargers to buy…

FWT Tech Tat Wza says, “These devices are crucial and life savers.”

Laura Rodriguez

1.Mophie- which is a charging case for your phone
2.Intocircuit Power Castle- this device can actually fully charge your device 4 times before it dies
3.Lepow Stone Charger- one of the smaller portable devices
4.Ravpower- not only can it recharge your phone 5x, but it’s the fastest portable charger
5.Tumi- is an external battery case

Do you own any of these already? What is your opinion on these devices?