NBA All-Star Practice

Kobe Bryant is 36-years old and coming off two major injuries.  Still the Lakers didn’t do as well as they’d hoped during the offseason which means Kobe will still have to carry the team on his back (no matter how withered).  Lakers coach Byron Scott however has high hopes for Kobe and believes the superstar will score 23-24 points per game.  So how many minutes will that take?  Check it out.

Shay Marie

via Baxter Holmes of ESPN:

Los Angeles Lakers coach Byron Scott said Wednesday that he and his star have, in fact, reached an agreement on the matter, but Scott declined to reveal the exact figure.

“His number was lower than mine,” Scott said after Lakers practice. “That surprised me. It helped me as well.”

Scott shared no specifics beyond saying the figure would be between 30 and 40 minutes per game.

We all know Kobe has the best work ethic in the league and will push himself to play as many minutes as possible, the only question is how many minutes will his body allow.  Kobe playing too many minutes is said to be part of the reason he suffered the achilles injury, and he’s more susceptible to re-injury now especially after suffering a knee fracture.

There isn’t any expectation of the Lakers making it to the playoffs especially in the exceedingly difficult Western Conference but knowing Kobe Bryant, he’s determined to get them there.