IFWT_All New iMac Retina Display
I do think the evolution of retina was only right to be in their all-in-one design, so that was kind of a no brainer! The beautiful 27″ retina is def something every apple product user should have, BUT I am most excited that the Mac Mini is back with the best specs!!!

Tat Wza

Ok so the retina is a 5K display, and if you don’t know the TV rage is 4K, the best colors, but Apples new 5K is just a bit better, and with Apple, as they put it, you also get a computer!

The Mac Mini is the most affordable way to have an Apple desktop with trying to figure out where the hell you’re gonna put it, with the affordability of being able to actually purchase it without having to sell an organ!! I am excited because now I can get my Son an Apple computer, not just an iOS device, at $499, it might very well be this years holiday treat, IF you know what you’re doing!