IFWT_Teairra Marie

Now Teairra Mari is a beautiful woman, but the girl has definitely got a problem when it comes to confrontation and resorting to violence. Being that Teairra has had relationship drama and career drama behind her “0-100 attitude”, its safe to say that T may need some self reflection time before moving forward in life. It doesn’t look like things went so well for her in next week’s episode after receiving some pretty brutal feedback from Sincere. Damn T can’t get a W. See the blow up ensue.

See Teairra and Sincere’s confrontation below. Seriously though, T is beautiful woman with worlds of potential, but its seems she may have a wee bit of an anger management problem and a tiny chip on her shoulder. Shrugs. You can take the girl out of Detroit….

Andrea G

Sincere was a bit harsh, but hey its a tough industry. Could Teairra have handled the situation a bit better, or was her behavior justified?