_(Video) Miley Cyrus Thinks Twerking Is Dead & Does The 'Nae Nae' On Stage!

Before ending her Bangerz world tour in Australia, Miley stopped by the Australian morning show Sunrise. One of the hosts stated, “twerking seems so yesterday.” Miley responded by saying, “I’m glad you know that, because some people are living in the past.” Miley then stands up and teaches the hosts her new favorite dance the “Nae Nae”. Check out the video of Miley doing the “Nae Nae” and read more on the story below!


Miley stated that she learned how to do the “Nae Nae” from her dancers the L.A. Bakers. The Atlanta group We Are Toonz are known for creating the infamous “Nae Nae” dance.

Watch Miley do the “Nae Nae” in the video below!