OKC’s KD has seen his fair share of endorsements following joining the Roc Nation team and winning MVP award. Now, Durant is set to launch his new youth underwear line in 2015 with popular skate and surf brand, Neff. The company has made deals with Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and the likes of. Hit the jump for more info!

via StarTribune

Neff founder Shaun Neff told The Associated Press that the company will launch the Thunder star’s signature underwear collection in time for next year’s back-to-school crowd.

Neff, which has continued to expand beyond snow and skate headwear, does not currently have an underwear line. Neff said he had been looking to move into that market, and when he got together with Durant and his Roc Nation representatives to discuss the possibility, both sides were on the same page. Neff said the idea of a partnership started during while he was on a flight with Roc Nation co-founder Jay Brown.

“We just thought that this was a category that was literally overlooked,” Neff said. “No one’s really put a stylized element to it. What we’re working on is, ‘How can we brand this, put some style and flavor and fashion in the underwear game while being comfortable?'”

Durant will be a brand ambassador, help design the products and have equity in Neff’s underwear division.

Salute KD!