It’s always something isn’t it?  Pictures can be very revealing — and very deceiving.  It’s so easy for picture to be interpreted in different ways — the right and the wrong way.
Well a bunch of photos of Gabrielle Union surfaced today as she partied with Def Jam records producer Ike Ferrera at the Def Jam 30th Anniversary show in Brooklyn (last week) — and many fans think she was getting too close to the man.  That then lead to cheating rumors on her NBA hubby Dwyane Wade.  She was quick to get her lawyers involved — check out the story & her response after the jump…






Via GossipExtra:

A story published today in England claims that the two flirted with each other at the party, and seemed “overjoyed” to be in one another’s company. Another paper claims Union was spotted grabbed the guy’s beard while laughing with him and talking to him “for a long time.” Eventually, the report continues, she left Ferrara’s table and went back to her friends.

Union and Wade have been in damage control all day.

Earlier today, lawyers for both of them had the U.S. website inquisitr.com pull a story about Union cheating on Wade.

A sanitized version of the article was published with one of the strongest worded correction we’ve ever seen online:

“Editor’s note: the editors of the Inquisitr would like to officially retract the original version of this story and apologize to all parties involved, including Ms. Gabrielle Union, Mr. Dwyane Wade and Mr. Ike Ferrera, for the irresponsible conclusion one of our contributing writers drew from the photos and stories published by the sources listed. The party in question has been counseled and reprimanded and realizes the grievous personal error in judgment he made in taking these photos out of context and including his views when filing his initial report.”