IFWT_Jesse-Breaking Bad
This is a bit weird. The other day, Aaron Paul aka Jesse from “Breaking Bad” heard about a situation at ToysRUs where toys(figurines) from the show got pulled and decided to tweet about it.

Tat Wza

Apparently a mom was shopping in ToysRUs and saw the “Breaking Bad” figurines that were holding tiny meth trays, she got upset, raised some form of holy hell(like moms do), and the toys got pulled from the chain, Jesse, or Aaron as it were went in on ToysRUs and the mom, and President Obama, on twitter like he normally is responded to him. You can see this all in the gallery for yourself, but just to be clear, not every toy in ToysRUs are for kids, they do have an ‘adult section, like where the sell figurines from like “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “Hellraiser”, “Friday The 13th”, and yes “Breaking Bad”, in which the toys were never meant for kids.