Ebola Bully Victims

On Friday afternoon at I.S. 318 in Tremont, (Bronx NY) two brothers Amadou (11 years old) and Pape (13 years old) were attacked on their school grounds, after two weeks of consistent bullying. This all stemming from the Ebola scare which has just recently hit NYC, and the Ebola source is West Africa.



The father of the young men (Amadou 11 and Pape 13) Mr. Ousame Drame said his sons have been cruelly harassed for two weeks over Ebola. Days after news broke that the deadly disease was in the United States, Mr. Drame said students taunted his sons by whispering the word, “Ebola,” to them, and told other students to ignore the boys. “They were treated like cancers” Mr. Drame said referring to this brutal incident. Aside from this bullying just being ignorance/fear, the African country the family is from, Senegal, has NO reported cases of Ebola. Has this Ebola thing gone to far? I think so, yes kids will be kids and find anything to bully another kid about (which does not condone that behavior) However from the adult perspective there are many of us who are not even educated on how this disease can even be contracted, which sadly enough causes these awful stereotypes in my opinion. Ignorance is not always BLISS!
Just my thoughts.. Blohndie OUT