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Benzino and Althea might be found in the unemployment line. The two newly weds have been removed from the Love and Hip Hop cast. Benzino claims him and his wife are being blamed for the brawl that took place on the Reunion. There have been some interesting tweets/IG’s!

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(18+)Benzino And Althea React To News Of Getting Fired From LHH;ATL!!

Yesterday news broke that two of the bigger Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast-mates were let go from the show, and not too long after Twitter and IG were lit with commentary, but of course we wanted to see how Zino and Thi Thi took it….They didn’t go ballistic or anything, but they were definitely upset! Benzino said a few things on twitter then went on a RT rampage with the fans(his) responses, and Althea put up a few IG’s, and one of them seemed to be a preview of one of her tracks 0_o

Here’s the track but go in the galley to see the other stuff:

One of the IG posts from Althea was 3 days prior, seems like they knew ahead of announcement, and braced for impact! On the other hand, Benzino seemed to want the fans to lite up Mona Scott-Young, as he was RT’ing all the hate she was getting, but the most interesting RT was when a fan said ‘Now you gotta fade Stevie J’, and @’d Stevie, and like I said, Zino RT’d it. The last tweet I saw was Benzino said ‘No Interview’s…let everything unfold’, what else is there to unfold???

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This is comical! Benzino and Althea have officially been removed from the Love and Hip Hop cast. May seeem a bit unjust because lets be honest isn’t drama what gets the ratings? This could be a plot to raise ratings even more with Love and Hip Hop Hollywood doing great numbers. Wouldnt it be great to see Zino and Thee Thee back at it and explain their side of the story on Love and Hip hop Atlanta? Or maybe they could have their own Show in the making. Now that would make for great television.