Two girls, 12 and 13, are accusing two boys who attend Urban Science Academy with them in the Bronx of rape. They claim the boys, 13 and 14, sexually assaulted them for two hours straight after lunch in their school’s auditorium on October 16th, 2014. Since then, both suspects have been arrested and charged with rape. This upcoming Monday, the girls will have to face their alleged attackers face-to-face in court because if they don’t testify, the boys will not be suspended according to their attorney, Alan Ripka.

“(The girls) don’t want to be in front of these people,” Ripka said. “Anybody with half a brain wouldn’t want to be. To traumatize these two young girls again by sitting them down at the same table as their accused rapists will be psychologically traumatizing, and the Department of Education should not be demanding they be present for the hearing.”

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Source: NY Daily News