Around 6:45 P.M., in Los Angeles, three 13 year old girls was going trick or treating when all of a sudden they got hit by a car. The driver fled from the scene leaving two girls dead immediately and the third one died on her way to the hospital.
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Two men in an SUV are responsible for crashing into 3 teenage girls who were walking in a crosswalk near an elementary school in Santa Ana. The car was found abandoned near the scene, but there were no suspects. According to the police Chief, Carlos Rojas, they are now seeking those two men.

Anthony Bertagna, a police spokesman told the Los Angeles Times that the vehicle was traveling “at a high rate of speed” when they crashed into the victims. It was also reported that there was a huge crowd of over 200 people, some still in costume, watching the police activity and consoling one another. “When we got over here, there was already a tarp over two girls”, said Jeff Evans who was trick or treating with his 8 year old daughter about a block away when they heard the impact from the car.

Fire Caption Steve Concialdi relived the scene as “Very sad… when millions of children, teenagers and adults are out trick or treating on a wonderful evening to insert tragedy like this.”