IFWT_Terrence Howard Tax
Terence Howard owes the federal government a PRETTY PENNY and says ex-wife Michelle Gent has some nerve to demand nearly $500,000 in back spousal support find out more inside…



Actor Terrence Howard owes the Federal Government $1.2 million and the State of California $156K. And according to reports he would rather pay them than his ex-wife Michelle Ghent. Howard is using this massive tax debt to invalidate his ex-wife’s bid to get nearly $500,000 from him in back spousal support and legal costs.

Howards response to Ghent’s bid:

“The nerve,” he says in recent court docs, of ex-wife Michelle Ghent to demand nearly a half a million bucks in back spousal support and legal costs.

Howard says that the $2,000 he paid her this month was all he could afford.

What do you guys think is this just another scapegoat for Howard to get out of paying his bills again? Or does he really not have it?