IFWT_Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes is a hot mess. This girl has been going through some real hard times, and now the public learns the former child star is surviving off of American express gift cards.


Crazy is an understatement, Amanda Bynes has been all over the news for her ridiculous antics. Whether driving under the influence, or handing out expensive jewelry to strangers it doesn’t seem to end. Bynes was just released from a psychiatric hospital last week and now reportedly “roaming” around Hollywood trying to figure her life out. TMZ reports her parents are giving her the gift cards in an attempt for her to realize the severity of her situation. Shes apparently been cutt off of her money due to “temporary conservatorship” which give her parents full control of her accounts. Its reported that Bynes’ Parents don’t even give her the cards themselves, they give them to her lawyer who then gives them to her. This is just sad. Amanda Bynes had so much talent, to see her being reduced to this is just a sin. Hopefully she can get her act together and realize its ok to get help.