IFWT_Mariah Beauty expense
A recent lawsuit has revealed that Mariah Drops some serious cash in order to look right. She does look flawless everytime a camera is around so you know homegirl is getting her moneys worth.


A phtotgrapher is suing Mariah Careys record label. The phtotgrapher is saying he shot and prepped Mariah for an album cover shoot and the Label tossed it. The Label is claiming terms were never fully agreed upon which may see the Photograher loose out on his $150,000 lawsuit. In documents aquired by TMZ its revealed how much Mariah actually spends on getting to look right for the camera. Her Stylist reportedly made $65,391 while her Hair stylist racked in $9,600. Closing it off her Make up Artist was said to make $7,200 and her Manicurist rounds off the bottom with $2,400. Sheesh! just a mere $84,200 to get ready. Chump change right?