Kim K took to Instagram to show off her new eyebrows, have no fear this fashion icon claims they were only for a photo shoot. Kim is always on the forefront of fashion but lets hope people don’t think this is the newest fashion trend.


Kim K has a particular way with fashion, even before her relationship Yeezy. Kim knows how to advertise herself and get people talking about her. Not necessarily a bad thing in the fashion world. So Kim was at her sister Kendall Jenners birthday and decided to display her bleached eyebrows. We all know that this was just for a photoshoot but we do live in a world where people idolize celebrities. Guarentee well see bleached eyebrows all Kim K influenced within the next month. Kim recently was on social media for posting a pic of her “Waist Training” corset, which she got some scrutiny for. Girls are in crazy competition these days and the media doesn’t help at all. Ladies, you are all beautiful inside and out. Don’t let images on Tv and Social media shift your view of who your personal beauty. Be yourself!! Its more fun!!