Johnny Manziel might not be scoring on the field but he’s certainly scoring off the field with his super hot girlfriend.  In fact she looks so good, she’s secured a modeling gig with a clothing company and turned out some pretty dope pictures.

Shay Marie

via TMZ Sports:

Colleen Crowley just inked a deal with a brand called No Rules NY — which makes hats, shirts, sweaters, etc. — and she’s already knocked out a photo sesh featuring some of the items.

The man behind the company is 19-year-old Brian Wolfe — who says he met Crowley through a mutual friend earlier this year and thought she’d be a perfect fit for the brand.

So far, the decision to sign Crowley is already paying off … with not only Manziel sporting the gear, but Browns teammate Donte Whitner has also been seen rockin’ the clothing out in public.

Wolfe says he does not have a deal with Manziel but hopes he can work out a deal with 35 in the future — “I’m such a fan. He’s such a motivator for kids to make it and become successful. It would be an honor if he’d endorse it.”