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Shahzad Masih 26, and wife Shamba Bibi 24 were attacked by co workers who claim they burned verses of the Holy Quran. The two worked in a industrial brick factory where this tragedy took place.


Christian couple Shahzad Masih and Shamba Bibi were subject to mob violence Tuesday after the two were accused of burning the Quran. In Islamic faith this is a crime punishable by death although its reported that the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRPC) have asked the sate to repeal the law. They continue to say this this law is only subject to create violence and murder which sadly was the case. The couple left behind three children and reports claim that Shamba Bibi was pregnant. CNN reports that the couple was taken from their home, beaten and taken to a brick factory where they were thrown into a kiln, when police arrived at the brick factory and demanded the couple be handed over the mob refused and proceeded to beat the police. Our prayers definitely go out to the family of the fallen.