IFWT_Cameron 3 (2)
Stephanie Lucas and Cameron Robinett were a young couple in love. When Camerons life was swiftly ended by a motorcycle accident Stephine took measures in her own hands.


Stephanie Lucas turned tradgey into a miracle when she fulfilled her dream of starting a family. Stephanie and Cameron of Tuscan Arizona were house hunting in California. Later that same day Cameron was in a horrific motorcycle accident that rendered him “brain dead”. Stephanie quoted “When i found out Cameron died i was heartbroken, But I realized immediately I wanted to have his baby and i didn’t have long”. Stephanie proceeded to go online to a website called Go Fund Me.com and explained her story. In 24 hours she raised over $11,000 from complete strangers to get the procedure done. Its reported that while Stephanie was looking over things that Cameron had brought to California she found an infant Seahawks Football jersey which Stephanie says was one of the only things he brough to claifornia with him. “He wanted to be a daddy” Stephanie said. Nice to know with the generous help of strangers that Stephanie can fulfill her Fiancees wish.