SMH. Looks like Yung Berg’s hot temper with the ladies may have landed him in some serious hot water with LHHLA show execs…not to mention possible future collaborations with artists who may decide to opt out of doing business with an alleged women beater. Well looks like Mona Scott ultimately decided Berg was bad for business, and gave him his pink slip like pronto. See how the rest of the cast feels regarding his firing from the show.

According to reports, Yung Berg has been fired from the show, due to putting the paws on girlfriend and castmate Masika Tucker allegedly after his credit card was declined at an after party for the LHHLA reunion taping. Masika claims Berg choked her out, leaving cuts and bruises on her body. Though Berg was rightfully fired, as Mona did not want to send the message that violence against women is condoned, and would seem that some other castmates feel that this is a double standard due to the fact that fellow castmate Morgan Hardman accused Ray J as being as woman beater. Morgan claimed that Ray attacked her in front of her son. I’m guessing due to the fact that Masika filed a police report and had physical evidence to back it up, it was more believable.

Do you think there’s a double standard with the way Berg and Ray J’s alleged altercations played out?