This seems to be pure ignorance, I understand protecting your lady, especially if she’s pregnant, but what someone says won’t physically harm her, so there’s no need to give yourself a case for anything someone says.

Tat Wza

This didn’t get as physical as the girl getting smacked, but this was very unnecessary. I’ve been in those situations, and yeah you’re like ‘why the f**k did you have to grab the pole right here though’….so this was kinda funny….”Who the f**k you talking too’….the dude shouting ‘WooorldStar’ 3 times…and homeboy saying ‘Worldstar these nuts nigga, f**k outta here, I’ll punch you in your face’, and that dude was church mouse….0_0

The lady wasn’t talking as loud to him as she barked on the pregnant girl, but still, he was wildin a little.