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Looks like things got crazy in Chicago last night, although things are always crazy in #Chiraq, when ATL natives Migos hit the town for a show, they ran into local crew member of GBE(Chief Keef Crew) and some issues happened.

Tat Wza

While at a Chicago Olive Garden, Capo from GBE comes in and words get exchanged(which is where the video happens, but after the video, tweets reveal an altercation happened outside of the Olive Garden. Migo Jerz claims to have punched Capo, and also claims Capo ran immediately. Capo doesn’t deny this, but says there were 20 with the Migo crew and yet he got away virtually unscathed(for having 20 against 1). This is when GBE member Fredo Star jumps in and starts threatening the lives of Migo members, even going as far to say ‘I’ll do the time for it’: