Ray Rice Press Conference

I’m sure every major journalist has been on the hunt to land the Ray Rice exclusive interview and this time it isn’t Barbara Walters or Oprah, it’s Matt Lauer.

Shay Marie

Lauer booked the disgraced NFL star to appear on the “Today” show for an exclusive sit-down interview during sweeps, according to TMZ Sports.

It’s unclear if Ray’s wife Janay Rice will participate in the interview.

The interview is expected to air sometime between now and Nov. 26th.

The interview should draw major attention as everyone is anxious to hear what lead to that night in the elevator.  Rice will also have the chance to clarify exactly what and how much NFL commissioner Roger Goodell knew.  There’s been a big controversy over whether or not Goodell saw the second tape or if Rice was truthful in telling him exactly what happened.

During the league investigation of the NFL’s handling in Rice’s case, he testified that he was truthful in telling Goodell everything.  Goodell has made it seem like he didn’t know the full extent of the incident and that’s why he initially handed down a very low two-game suspension.

It’ll be very interesting to hear what Ray Rice has to say, straight from his mouth and not “sources”.