The navy blue jersey that James during one of the biggest season openers of all time is now being auctioned off by the NBA. Hit the jump for details.

Via Bleacher Report:

The jersey also features a custom microphone pouch used for James’ “mic’d up” audio.

“LeBron James was ‘mic’d up’ during the game,” according to the NBA Auction’s description. “His jersey has a black pouch on the inside where the microphone resides. There is also ‘sticky tape’ residue on the inside of the jersey to help secure the microphone.”

You want LeBresidue? You’ll get LeBresidue—but it will cost you.

As of Tuesday morning, the jersey is listed at a relatively affordable $7,960 after 20 bids. Unfortunately, that dollar amount will likely inflate to around the U.S. gross domestic product by the time the auction ends on November 20 at 9:05 p.m. ET.

Then again, it’s a pretty sleek and special uniform, so it could be worth a deliberate and well-written letter to Santa. He’ll find a way.

Click above gallery for pictures of jersey.

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