Superhead x Soulja Boy

I do not keep up with the drama and faked relationships on Love & Hip-Hop, but I am aware that Soulja Boy was dating Nia Riley. Apparently the pair are on the outs again, because just yesterday, the infamous Superhead struck again, and posted a photo with her former flame, grabbing “burgers and beers on our day off.” Once fans started blasting her for being the reason Soulja and Nia broke up, however, Karrine clapped back with a long-winded video message. Check out the video…and her equally long-winded caption…below.

Marisa Mendez

…and I can be friends with whoever I want. I'm tired of being afraid to post images or video of certain friends just because they are who they are. I'm just a girl, a regular person who happens to have a public job and some of my friends have public jobs, too. I don't know about them, but I don't think I'm special or different and I never ask for preferential treatment. What I do ask for is fairness and for the use of common sense and basic intelligence. I know this is all very difficult for some of you and we are very different in that way. It is my understanding that the majority of my followers are not as literate, articulate, educated, or socially well-rounded as I and I've tried my best to not rile these savages but honestly, I'm tired of placating "you people". I'm allowed to live my life and spend time with my friends and to post those moments in my life, just like you. I notice when I post a photo of a non-famous man, no one gets all up in arms and accuses me of being a whore just for being in a photo with him. You only get upset when you see certain men, which leads me to believe your perception isn't of me but of them and the lifestyle you think they lead. Trust me…none of them are as they portray. They're all actors, here to entertain you. There are no orgies and wild sex, crazy drugs or cases of liquor. Just corny shit like burgers and beers. And at the end, I come home to my family, blessed to have one, as well as a cerebral career that does not require me to put on airs for fans and onlookers. Still, as you can see from my feed, I live a full life and have many different kinds of friends. I don't discriminate against good people just because we don't lead the same sort of life. And I will no longer be afraid to live my life and post what I want just because I'm being followed by people I never wanted to attract, who are so oversexualized and programmed for drama that they can't recognize a genuine friendship, and find levity in two old friends grabbing a bite to eat, no matter who those two people are. Besides, if you're so busy worrying about other people, who's busy worrying about you? Take care.

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