IFWT_Perez 1500 tip 2
Carlos Perez’s prayers were answered when the blesing of a lifetime came to him in the form of a very nice couple who were his customers at the restaurant Pazzo! In Florida.


Talk about a good day, Carlos Perez was working his regular shift Tuesday. Perez explained it was very busy and the unnammed couple told Perez to “take his time” and they were in no rush. They had ordered a very expensive bottle of Tuscan wine. Perez continues that the man had asked to pay an extra $20 for veal marsala which is not on the menu, they obliged and the man responded by buying the staff 2 cases of beer. Shortly afetr that encounter Perez says the man asked him “What would you do if you had money” Perez replied “Ide fix my car” and the gentelemen proceeded and said “Dont worry your car will be fixed tomorrow”. After the meal the man extended $1500 towards Perez, he tried to refuse but the man insisted. Perezs manager only had good things to say about Perez stating “he takes a lot of pride in his job, hes definitely dissevering of this generosity”. What goes around comes around!!