Prince Posts His FIRST Selfie, However He Certainly Did Not Use His iPhone!
The man that once famously said that “the internet is dead” has posted his first selfie and it’s just pure excellence! The “Breakfast Can Wait” singer took the selfie in a manner suitable just for the “Purple Rain” hit maker.
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Nqobi C

Prince posted the selfie on his Facebook page instead of his instagram and it was followed by an explanation.

Prince took the selfie with not a cellphone but with an actual camera.

The reason? Well Princes’ Publicist was quick to answer the question saying

Prince used an old-school camera because he doesn’t own a cellphone. He jokingly says, “We ban their usage anywhere around Us because We’re allergic 2 lithium and ‘Everybodyelsies.'”

Check out the selfie in the gallery!