Beadle is known for her brutal honesty and when it came to Kim’s racy photo shoot that aimed to “break the internet”, she pulled no punches. Hit the jump for details.

Via TMZ Sports:

So … ESPN host Michelle Beadle took a shot at Kim Kardashian and her big fat ass.

After Kim K posted her brand new naked pic, Beadle went to Twitter to mock the reality star.

“Just purchased $633 in baby oil and performed an at-home lobotomy…let’s do this. #BreakTheInternet #MoonRiver.”

She later added … “Are we done talking about giant, greasy poo-makers yet? #CometLanding.”

Beadle isn’t the only celebrity to go after Kim — Chelsea Handler implied Kim’s ass is fake and Naya Rivera also threw shade … saying, “You’re someone’s mother.”

For her part, Kim has yet to respond to any of the comments.

Click above gallery for pictures.

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