Although some white people beat their kids and some black people don’t, there’s a general belief that black people are more inclined and raised to believe that whipping your kids is the right thing to do.  Stereotypes state that white people let their kids run wild and do whatever they want while a black person will hit their kids with whatever they find (extension cords, belts, tree switches etc.).  So when former NFL player Ricky Williams was on the Jim Rome show, he kind of reinforced that by saying he didn’t see anything wrong with what Adrian Peterson did to his son, it’s just the way black people raise their kids.

Shay Marie

Williams said no jury of black people would find Peterson guilty of child abuse for the welts left on his son’s body after he beat him with a tree switch.  Jim Rome highly disagreed and pushed back further questioning Williams’ belief.

Check out the exchange c/o TMZ Sports: