Popcorn playa. Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham has moves like Jagger and swag like…well, Drake. Since coming back into his son’s life some years ago, the ol’ school musician has been exposed to the life that he himself worked so hard for, but didn’t reach the highest heights.

Now, he’s making magazine covers. His latest, the Memphis Flyer. Tennessee is now home to the flashy father and as he smoothly walks through the bars of the popular states, his face become recognized as someone who knows someone. “I want to be known as Drake’s dad,” he says. “That’s my son.” Yeah, Dennis is content with his son’s fame, and he’s totally happy with it. “I don’t want to be that big star now,” Graham says. “I want him to stay the star.”

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Drake drops a photo of his pops on Instagram and let’s the world know, “that boy lit in the 901.”

But now his son’s fame has turned him into something of a star, anyway. Graham stole the show in Drake’s music video for “Worst Behavior,” and toured with Drake and Lil Wayne last summer. When Drake asked his father to sing at his yet unplanned wedding, Graham said yes. He seems happy being dad, and Drake seems happy having one.

But he’s excited about this single, about how big a hit it might become and how many more people might get to know his name. There will be no more free interviews after this, he says.

Drake’s part hasn’t been recorded, so it’s just Graham on the track. The car fills with deep bass and cigarette smoke. Graham sits low, reclined in his beige seat, his right arm is bent at his side, holding what remains of an American Spirit cigarette. His left arm reaches straight forward, hand on the steering wheel. He grips it tightly, but his posture is relaxed. His foot taps to the beat. Though his mouth remains still under the thick, black mustache, his eyes smile.

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