IFWT_Duck Dynasty Musical 2 (2)
The TV sensations are working on their newest project which is a musical. This attraction will kick off in February at a Las Vegas Casino.


The Robertson’s just know how to make money. This year the crew is teaming up with producers to put on a musical.Its reported that they have landed Jeff Calhoun to direct the show. Calhoun is known for directing Broadways “Newsies”. There has been some commotion as to how could this receive funding due to patriarch Phil Robertson’s comments on homosexuality. Calhoun who is gay himself stated “His husbands family shares similar views to the Robertson’s, we’ve agreed to disagree on some things but were family, I would like to think the musical could help bridge gaps too”. The musical is said to be based off a book that Willie Robertson wrote in 2012 with his wife. The “from rags to riches” story should be an interesting one that will have audiences calling for more.