Guess How Many Albums Theophilus London's Vibes Sold In The First Week?!
Theophilus London released his new album “Vibes” on November 4th with Kanye West co-signing the completion of the album. A lot of hype was anticipated from this album as Kanye was not only featured on one of the tracks but also was the executive producer! With great minds and talent behind this album you figure it bound to break records….
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Nqobi C

In the first week of it’s release, Theophilus London’s new album only sold 2,718 copies.

Hard to believe right?

Even though those number seem crazy, this apparently is not new to the recording artist. According to reports, Theophilus London moved similar numbers the first week of sales on his first album back in 2011.

However his album then moved 2,800 copies.

What do you guys think? Did you listen to the album?

Don’t forget to check out the album!