In case you missed it, earlier this week, Chicago Bears star Brandon Marshall got into a dispute via twitter with a Lions fan. The fan at one point brought Marshall’s mother into it by randomly calling her a “whore”. Marshall didn’t brush that off as twitter nonsense and became enraged and offered the man $25,000 to get in a ring with him. Now the woman who’s honor he was defending is speaking and of course she is riding with her son.


“I am honored that my son wanted to have a duel on his mother’s behalf,” Brandon’s mother Diane tells us. “I think this is Brandon’s way of getting the guy’s attention.”

Still … when push comes to shove, Diane says she does NOT believe Brandon was being serious when he made the offer.

“He’s not going into a boxing ring and putting gloves on to fight anytime soon.”

As for Brandon’s initial challenge to Anthony — that Kalla would have to work in an orphanage if he lost the fight — Diane says she still expects the less fortunate to benefit from the situation.

“Brandon has a lot of charities that he already donates to — and I know he’ll probably end up making that kind of a donation even though there will be no fight.”

There probably never will be a fight but one of these days I would love for an athlete to be able to confront some lame who talked reckless via social media. It would definitely make fans think twice about being utterly disrespectful next time.