Migos x The FADER
Looks like the feud between Migos and GBE isn’t over. You may remember about a week ago, Migos confronted a GBE member, Capo, at an Olive Garden in ChiRaq, and although a punch was thrown, the GBE member got away virtually unscathed, then a war of word erupted on social media. Now we’re her, with a Migos Member Chain Stolen.

Tat Wza

A Migos Member Chain Stolen in DC, Migos Quavo, must have happened this weekend, and we really only know about it because Chief Keef posted the chain on social media. Sosa didn’t actually brag about taking it, which is smart because you the po po is watching, but yet because he is actually posting it, he may get questioned(yes we’re giving it light, but they shouldn’t have posted it for us to get to it, so is this dry snitching if they dry snitched on themselves??). This puts heat on the ‘fight night’ rappers as it calls their street creed into question, which could lead future wars. This also shows the reach GBE has in the streets, it’s one thing to be in town and run up on someone, but it’s another to be in a neutral city, and get you chain taken. Migos Tweeted about being in DC, and a few hours ago fans started going in on them about leaving with ‘one less chain(they pointed out a Migos Member Chain Stolen just to be funny).

What do you think will happen next?