IFWT_Man Shoved To His Death On D Train

Very unsettling and tragic news to report. A Bronx man fell tragically to his death in front of his wife after being deliberately pushed by unknown suspect on a South bound D train. Get full report inside, and see video footage of suspected person of interest inside.

These are crazy times indeed we live in. As holiday season draws near, and the city gets an influx of people, it is imperative that we ALL be aware of our surroundings, to avoid more senseless tragic incidence such as in the case of 61 year old Wai Kuen Kwok, who was pushed to his death in front of his at the East 167th St stop at 8:40am in the morning. The couple were on their way for their Sunday ritual of commuting to China town, when a stranger quickly pushed Wai Kuen Kwok in front of an oncoming train where he was crushed to hid death in front of wife, while witnesses say the assailant dashed out the station and hopped on the BX35. No suspects have been identified in the horrifying incident, but police do have a person interest on footage taken outside the sub way. Three other incidents of subway patrons being shoved to their death back in 2012 and 2104. 49 patrons have been stuck and killed by train this year.

Andrea G

See footage, and perhaps be key to identifying this person of interest behind fatal shoving

Please notify authorities if person of interest looks familiar. This could happen to you or any your loved ones. Be a help in stopping this culprit so we can get them off city streets.