NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Atlanta Hawks

Nick Young made his season debut on Tuesday night and brought all of his swag with him, scoring 17 points and making 2-of-4 3-pointers.  He was feeling pretty good and confident in himself, maybe a little too confident but hey his nickname is Swaggy P for a reason.  Not only did he say the Lakers won because his swag rubbed off on everybody, he also said he’s the best three-point shooter of all time.  Check out the rest of his list.

Shay Marie


IFWT_Young 2

The real shocker here is that Young is actually right, statistically he is a better three-point shooter than Larry Bird but the rest on the list are definitely above him.

via ProBasketballTalk:

Player 3P/G 3P%
Nick Young 1.2 37.7
Ray Allen 2.3 40.0
Reggie Miller 1.8 39.5
Stephen Curry 2.7 43.8
Klay Thompson 2.4 41.3
Larry Bird 0.7 37.6