TMZ Sports caught up with former Lakers coach and current Knicks president, Phil Jackson.  They tried their hardest to get Jackson to say something bad about the Lakers but the Zen Master had all the right answers.  Still they managed to twist what he said into a Lakers diss anyways.  What do you think about his comments?

Shay Marie

I watched the video twice and I’m still trying to figure out how TMZ came up with their headline.  Anyways their photog asked Jackson if the Lakers would be better with him as the coach.  As you know both the Lakers and the Knicks are struggling but the Lakers are doing better since the return of Nick Young and won two-games in a row.  Phil said the Lakers have a good coach and when the photog said he’s better, Phil replied a coach is as good as their talent.  When asked if the talent on the Lakers is lacking, he said “they’re growing up together”.

Very PC for the often outspoken Zen Master if you ask me but watch for yourself.