A loyal fan has dished out a total of $50,040 for the sweaty Cleveland Cavaliers jersey, donned by none other than LeBron James. Even better, he ONLY scored 17 points this game, yet still managed to upsell his Game 1 Miami Heat jersey! Hit the jump for more info on James and other auctioned jerseys…

via ESPN:

A jersey worn by LeBron James during the second half of his regular season return to Cleveland last month sold for $50,040 on Thursday night.

The jersey, auctioned by the NBA, was used by James on Oct. 30, for the Cavaliers’ season opener against the New York Knicks.

James didn’t play well in the game, scoring 17 points on 5-for-15 shooting in the 95-90 loss.

Other jerseys that sold on Thursday from that game included those of Kevin Love ($2,595) and Kyrie Irving ($5,761).

The NBA last auctioned off a Miami Heat jersey that James wore for the first half of Game 1 of last year’s NBA Finals. That jersey sold for $50,020.

WOW, and that folks is how the cookie crumbles in the life of a King!