IFWT_Jackson dunk 1

With Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook injured, Reggie Jackson is doing everything he can to get the Oklahoma City Thunder out of their slump.  Jackson made a great move to the basket against the Brooklyn Nets on Friday, finishing the dribble drive with a dunk over Brook Lopez and Kevin Garnett.

Shay Marie

Reggie Jackson crossover & dunk on Brook Lopez and Kevin Garnett was the highlight of the game.

Jackson will be a restricted free agent this summer, and the Thunder are going to have a tough decision on their hands, I’m sure you remember the James Harden debacle.

Of course Jackson is no Harden but he has said he wants to be a starter, and has been playing like he deserves to be when he’s gotten that opportunity.

The problem for OKC is that Jackson won’t ever get to start while Russell Westbrook is around, so the question becomes, how much can they afford to pay a reserve with other priorities on the roster? That remains to be seen, but if Jackson continues to play this well once Westbrook and Kevin Durant return from injury, he will get paid — either by the Thunder, or by someone else.

Hopefully the Thunder don’t lose another additional scorer like they did with Harden and Kevin Martin.

h/t Bleacher Report and ProBasketballTalk