IFWT_JaVale McGee kiss 1

Oh JaVale McGee, Shaqtin’ a Fool has missed you so.  It was only a matter of time before McGee got right back to his antics.  On Friday night as the Denver Nuggets played the New Orleans Pelicans, McGee made one old lady’s night pretty special.

Shay Marie

During the second quarter Nate Robinson attempted a three-pointer and missed.  John Salmons went for the rebound but JaVale McGee tipped it out towards the stands.  Not only did McGee manage to catch the ball and throw it back in keeping it in play, he then sat down next to the old lady sitting court side whom he fell on due to the hustle play.  To show his apologies, he kissed her on the cheek then ran back on to the court and sprinted to get back on defense since the Pelicans had regained possession.

The old lady wasn’t hurt but instead had a big smile on her face thanks to McGee.  She even looked to be wiping away a tear of joy lol.

McGee often gets berated for his on the court antics but they sure are entertaining.  The Denver Nuggets beat the New Orleans Pelicans 117-97.  The Nuggets are currently 5-7, sitting 11th in the Western Conference.