Now they wanna hear a country n***a rap… Mr. “Mt. Olympus” has been all over the map these days. Big K.R.I.T., the self-proclaimed King of the South can add to his list of ‘hell yeah, I made it’ accomplishments. With the release of his top five Billboard album Cadillactica, K.R.I.T. is ready to take the crown.

“I created the planet [Cadillactica], why wouldn’t I be the ‘King of the South’, the southern boy tells ‘rolling out‘ magazine. “For me, that’s just the beginning of my reign and what I’m trying to do musically.”

It would seem that T.I.’s title is defiantly for the taking. Hit the jump for more.

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Check out some behind-the-scenes action from the ‘rolling out’ shoot.

The King of the South adds:

“I have to keep making timeless music,” K.R.I.T. says. “Music is the only language that everybody speaks. Before I got in this position, it was always about the music. Just because I got that title [King of the South], that’s just me believing in myself as a man and musician. Everybody should feel like they are a king or a queen at what they do. For me, it’s about putting out the kind of music that heals people, still inspires people to follow their dreams. Getting out in this community and doing as much as I possibly can. Because in the beginning, you’re on the road and touring because you’re trying to get the buzz and get people aware. But I’m at a point where I’m like, let’s just give back and make sure I give other people the opportunity in this music game and let’s spread the love because it’s plenty of it out here.”

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