Surely after putting his best Keith Sweat impressions to use, someone was bound to fall for Robin Thicke’s soulful attempt at getting back with wife, Paula Patten. Who’s the lucky lady you ask? Some would call her the attention seeking lady, but I’m not going to say no names. It rhymes with Tea Ain’t Free.

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April Love Geary is a 19-year-old Huntington, Cali model happens to love her some Thicke, and she doesn’t care who in the social media world knows. Who knows where the, “Get Her Back” crooner was when April was prancing about Robin’s humble abode, while taking selfies. Yes, in his bed, in front of his vanity and in the dining room. Marking her territory.

Tea Ain’t F TMZ caught up with the young model and tried to get her to divulge her and the new bae’s relationship, but she held her composure.

The alleged couple were even seen enjoying a day of fun with Thicke’s son, Julian. Um, how does Paula feel about this?

Check out the evidence of foul play in the gallery above.