Kevin Durant spent last summer at a basketball camp, teaching little kids the ins and outs on the sport that he clearly loves. Well, a clip from a one-on-one session between KD and one of the little guys has now gone viral. OKC’s Kevin Durant definitely let us know that Ball IS Life and he’ll be taking shorts from NO ONE, after monstrously blocking the little guy’s shot. If I was the kid, I would be scarred for life LOL…hit the jump to check out the MERCILESS block heard all through the gym!

via NBCSports:

That’s cold.

I’m not sure when this video from a youth camp was taking by Ball is Life, very possibly it is from the summer (and before Durant’s injury) but this is the first time we had seen it and…

That’s funny. Cold, but funny.

Unlike Trick, Durant does not love the kids…JK