IFWT_Mike Browns Mom reacts to decision
Mike Brown’s Mother Reacts To Decision, this is actually Heartbreaking to watch, as well as not cool. Mike Brown’s Mother Reacts To Decision is the heartbreaking part, seeing her pain, knowing her son is gone, and no one will see justice for it, her tears, her anger, her frustration, if you have children it is so painful.

Tat Wza

Now the not cool part is the people around her, including her loved ones with her, reacting to her reaction, trying to give her some sense of justice, start screaming ‘Burn this bitch down…Burn this bitch down!!’. Less than an hour later, Ferguson was on fire, starting ith the police lighting things on fire from the smoke/gas fired for ‘crowd control’, the rest from protesters gone off on their own.

Mike Brown’s Mother Reacts To Decision was like a spark amongst a room full of highly flammable gas, but the gas would have never been in the room if Darren Wilson wouldn’t have shot(excessively) and killed an unarmed teenager, which he testified to the grand jury that that Brown made hime feel like he was in danger for his life, ‘I felt like a child going up against Hulk Hogan’ which helped lead to the decision, And Ferguson Burned because of it;