IFWT_Odell Beckham Jr

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., made one of, if not the best catch in NFL history.  It happened during the second quarter of the Giants Sunday night game against the Dallas Cowboys.  Eli Manning threw a 43-yard pass that looked like it would’ve been overthrown but Beckham caught it and held on for the touchdown.  The catch blew up over social media with numerous people sending praise Beckham’s way.  There’s one person in particular who Beckham was honored to be noticed by.

Shay Marie

Odell Beckham Jrsays he’s been BOMBARDED with praise since that one-handed miracle grab but the best moment involved a tweet from LeBron James.

OBJ was at Steiner Sports in NYC last night when he revealed that LeBron is his all-time favorite athlete and when King James tweeted about the catch on Sunday, it blew his mind.

You can see LeBron’s tweet and more photos of the catch in the gallery above.

Imagine your hero writing that about you. Pretty cool, right?!

Still, Odell is modest about the 3-fingered catch, saying the greatest snag ever made still belongs to ANOTHER NY Giants wide receiver.  I’m sure everyone remembers David Tyree’s helmet catch during the Giants Super Bowl XLII win over the New England Patriots.