Snoop Dogg Visits USC Football Team During Taping of MTV Show

Rapper Snoop Dogg is a California native and big supporter of some of their teams.  One team he’s not too happy with is the University of Southern California (USC) football team.  The UCLA Bruins beat the USC Trojans 38-20 on Saturday night at the Rose Bowl stadium.

Shay Marie

via TMZ Sports:

As if losing to the crosstown rival wasn’t bad enough, now Snoop Dogg is taking aim at the USC football team after UCLA beat their ass this weekend.

“Well SC fans … we f**king suck,” Snoop said.

“Weak ass plays … soft ass quarterback … it’s gonna be hard getting kids to go there now.”  Snoop also credited UCLA coach Jim Mora.

Snoop’s words carry extra meaning since his son Cordell Broadus is a top-ranked, elite high school wide receiver recruit in the class of 2015 and holds scholarship offers from both UCLA and USC, among more than a dozen other schools.

Question is … is Snoop not-so-subtly hinting that SC played itself out of the Cordell sweepstakes??  We’ll have to wait and see.

The Trojans (7-4, fourth in the Pac-12) have a shot at redemption in the regular-season finale next weekend vs. Notre Dame (7-4). UCLA (9-2, first in the Pac-12) plays Stanford (6-5) Friday afternoon.

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